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Achill embraces the ‘Sharing Economy’
21, Jun 2014 - 09:45

Achill embraces the ‘Sharing Economy'.

Where's the best place to launch a ‘sharing economy' venture in Ireland? To the outsider, the unbeknownst, you might think the fashionable silicon docks of Dublin city, amongst the big multinationals and social networking companies like Facebook, Google and Airbnb. After all, they know best how communities works, right? Not so. Start-up venture HelpStayTM says Achill Island residents know best. Simply put, it's a close knit community where everyone knows everyone. In going about their daily lives, the ‘Sharing Economy' is already in practice and has been for some time. Sharing resources among themselves, helping one another is common and second nature. Think the neighbourly car lift to the local shop - ‘sure, I was just going that way myself, hop in'.

HelpStayTM is a new way of travelling by combining it with sharing. Its aim is to bring more visitors to the island and surrounding area. It's made possible by creating an online community platform that introduces independent travellers, who provide volunteer help to local hosts who offer in exchange accommodation.

The independent traveller provides a few hours of honest help in exchange for accommodation and board. Their stay length is agreed upfront and before arrival. It can last anywhere from 1 week to 3 months, or even longer.

The host gets an extra pair of hands about the place, to help with various tasks. The only requirement is a spare room and of course, a willingness to provide an enjoyable stay for the guest. Hosts include Backpacker Hostels, Surf Lodges, Hotels, Art Centres, Home Businesses, SMEs, Farms, House Holders, families - anyone or any organisation that needs help with those odd jobs. It works similar to Wwoofing but is not confined to organic farms, but includes families, individuals or organizations in all fields.

As a simple "exchange" system, it relies on goodwill - on both sides - to make it work and be successful. No money ever changes hands and hosts join for free.

To date, HelpStayTM is working with Pure Magic Surf Achill and E.O.M Art Retreat Centre in Mulranny.
You can contact about becoming a host.

The HelpStay Press Release:

Exciting new sharing economy travel site launches June 19, 2014

The World - HelpStayTM launches a brand new web platform on June 19, 2014. Budget conscious travellers can see the world for free by exchanging a few hours of honest help for room and board. No money changes hands.

As founder Shay Gleeson explains, "We are the next evolution of Couch Surfing, you can crash on the couch but you will need to pull your weight about the place. It also gives the guest the opportunity to swap their skills and learn new ones'. holds a database of Art Retreat Centres, Backpacker hostels and Surf Lodges who are looking for a few hours of honest help and offering room and board in exchange. Hosts join for free. It's a great way for them to get some extra help about the place. The only requirement for the host, is a spare room and a willingness to provide an enjoyable stay for the guest. launches June 19, 2014. To celebrate the launch, a discounted one-year membership is being offered to members.

For more information contact:
Shay Gleeson, Founder of HelpStayTM. 63 Lower Mount Street 1st Floor Dublin 2, Ireland T: 087 - 7928762 E: W: F: T: 'Experience travel in a new way, exchange your help for a stay'


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