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It Never Started on the Late Late Show
25, Oct 2015 - 08:44

For the past 20 years, Pamex Ltd., a company founded by Tom and Mary Murphy, has blazed a trail in the Irish pharmaceutical industry. From its base in Castlebar, the firm has built up a diverse portfolio of products that have made an immeasurable difference to the health and wellbeing of countless Irish people. Its Total Shaving Solution has become a household name, garnering rave reviews from customers and media alike.

Pamex is a company born out of adversity. Its founder, Tom Murphy was a leading figure in the 1980s and early 1990s in the Irish pharmaceutical industry, before his position was made redundant in 1994. Still in his forties and the father of a young family, Tom found himself entering the dole office, when unemployment was at a record high in Ireland. It could have been the end for the personable Castlebar man, instead it was just the beginning.

'It Never Started on the Late Late Show' is a business book, a self- help guide, and a very personal account of one man's inspirational journey from dole queue to successful entrepreneur. Tom Murphy speaks candidly about the challenges he has faced in building up a small company in the West of Ireland, a company that has punched above its weight for two decades.

The book also revisits the Castlebar of Tom's youth, bringing to life, long lost scenes of yesteryear and recalling events and personalities of a bygone era.

'It Never Started on the Late Late Show' will be available from The Castle Bookshop, Castle Street, Castlebar from next Saturday and can be purchased online from:


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