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Soaps and Candles from Erris
23, Nov 2014 - 22:57

Gaol Siar soaps and candles made with the plants of Erris.

We have had a wonderful summer with our foraging courses all over Erris, we are delighted to be able to share with you the essence of our harvest in a range of candles and soaps from the plants of Erris. We hand harvested the plants and distilled the oils, using multiple distillation methods including hydro and cold press. We bring you the essence of Summer in Erris in our candles and soaps


Our Candles come in two scents, Ballycroy Bog Myrtle and Kiltane Wild Rose.

Bog myrtle has a wonderfully fresh spicy scent that is perfect for Christmas. The Bog Myrtle was traditionally known as a blessed plant, such was the sacred connection that in parts of Ireland the Bog Myrtle was used for the ashes on "Ash Wednesday".

The Rose has long been associated with love, beauty and calm. The Kiltane Rose has a beautiful woody Rose scent that is gentle and calming, it will transport you back to the relaxing summer days in Erris.

These candles have been hand poured and scented with the essential oils extracted from the plants of Erris. The wax used is a blend of waxes including Soya and wax from the "Fraughan" from the bogs of Erris.

We have candles beautifully inspired by nature and presented in "Muirín (Scallop) and Féach(whelk) shells. There are multiple sizes of pillar candles also available.

Soaps of Erris.....we have four soaps in our Soaps of Erris range

Kilmore Nettle & wild Mint
This bar of soap will levee you refreshed and revitalised. Nettle is known as a blood cleanser, its also traditionally used to treat gout and arthritis, the mint stimulates the sinus and wakes you up gently.

Glencullen Woodbine
The gently scented woodbine has long been used as a cure for pain and was traditionally administered to women in labour, woodbine has a calming aroma and is blended with the Dandelion and Clover which assists in moisturising the skin.

Bangor Mountain Heather Soap
In folklore the heather plant was traditionally used to treat a weak heart and coughs, it was also added to the bath for its antiseptic qualities. This gentle soap is fragranced with the heathers, gorse, scots pine and thyme extracts and has a earthy relaxing aroma.

Blacksod Seaweed Soap
The world is slowly waking up to the powers of seaweed, this soap has a mixture of Spirulina, Channel Wrack, Bladderwrack Oil and is blended with Rosewood and Thyme oil. This bar of soap offers super nourishment for the skin whilst smelling fresh and inviting...

All soaps are made using vegetable oil base. Bars of soap are available in €140g size bar.

Gaol Siar Christmas Gift Baskets

We have a selection of beautifully presented gift baskets available in four sizes ranging from €8.50 up to €50. Baskets contain a selection of our candles and soaps and are mounted on a natural bed of dried plants from Erris.

All Products available from Shevlin, The Square, Belmullet and Slainte Health Food Store on Main St, Belmullet.

Further info contact Barbara Heneghan, Gaol Siar, phone 0872169625 or


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