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The website is a non-profit community website with many different contributors over the years. The content is primarily related to Castlebar and Mayo and includes many photographs and mentions of local individuals. Essentially the website is now an archive of the goings on in Castlebar from 1997 up to April 2017 during which time there were daily updates. Since April 2017 updates are much less frequent. The front page now shows randomly changing front page photos and links to the archive - which we wish to keep as an important record of Castlebar entering the "information age".

However, if you wish to have a comment on the archived bulletin boards or an article removed - that concerns you personally - or you want to have a photograph of you taken down please email - with some proof that you are indeed the person in question. Alternatively, contact the photographer directly. (Please remember that search engines may continue to link to a deleted page or may retain an archived version for some time after removal of the page. Separate submission to the search engine may be required to remove archived or broken links.)

Cookies are used on the main photo gallery but not on most other pages. If you log in as a contributor cookies are set.

The website is as it stands with no other personal data held offline or shared in any way.

Note that has some links to external websites (they usually open in a new browser page) but these are quite separate to and their privacy policy may be different.

If you have ever emailed your email address may still be in the contacts list associated with If you wish to have your email address removed or any of your emails deleted please email with your request, ideally using the relevant original email address.

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