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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
By Karen Conway
8, Jan 2013 - 08:53



From the 10th to 13th of January Castlebar Pantomime are repeating a script of "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" first seen on the Castlebar Town Hall stage in 1998. The 2013 version will again be Directed by Donna Ruane, with Jason Guthrie as Choreographer and John Flatley being promoted from band member to Musical Director. Having appeared in the 1998 "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" some cast members have remained with Lar Davis, Rowena Gillespie, Karen Conway, Sharon Lavelle, Caroline Guthrie, Tom Lyons and Jimmy Murphy still involved in 2013. Sadly one cast member who played the part of Hairum in 1998 will be missing with the untimely passing of James Mannion from Balla in December. James was equally a talented performer, musician, singer and artist, testimony to his artistic gifts are the magnificently painted back drops created by James in previous years to be used in 2013 production. May he rest in peace.

January 2013 promises the usual high standard of a Castlebar Pantomime production with its usual wit, drama, musical moments and glamour. As in 1998 there is a beautiful girl called Snow White played by Tanitha Tolan from Turlough, Castlebar appearing in her first principle Pantomime role whose Mother had died and her Father the Baron played by Balla's finest musician Tom Lyons playing the role of Baron Weakandeasy mistakenly re-marries the evil Queen Razeval played by Mairead McDonnell from Manulla. However this Queen was evil, vain and owned a magic mirror played by Maria McNulty from Foxford which she constantly looked into. The Queen would ask "who is the most beautiful in the land" and the mirror would always reply that the Queen was. But one day the Queen was horrified to hear that Snow White was now the most beautiful in the land! The mirrors reply made the Queen very angry and she orders Huntsman Horace played by Thomas Staunton from Westport to take poor Snow White deep into the forest and to kill her!

The Queen threatens to take the Huntsman's life if he does not bring back Snow Whites heart to prove he had killed her. But the Huntsman manages to trick the Queen with the heart of an animal and Snow White escapes so deep in the woods that she is very hungry and tired when she finally finds the shelter of a little house. An exhausted Snow White cannot resist the unusual house which is shared by seven dwarfs who are none to happy to find a sleeping Snow White on their return. The Dwarfs consisting of local children Saul Sherrard as Doc, Oisin Coen as Happy, Zoe McHale as Sleepy, Deirdre Martin as Sneezy, Ethan Murtagh as Grumpy, Katie Padden as Bashful and a surprise well known Castlebar Pantomime actor as Dopey soon warm to Snow White. The evil Queen discovers from her mirror that her Snow White is still very much alive and sets out to kill Snow White herself. However Snow White is not without friends including James Murray who strays from his ambulances and shines in the comedic lady like role of Dame Freznely, Sean Langan who plays Scarum while Henry Kelly also from Kiltimagh plays Hairum and in so doing joins his daughter Tara Kelly on stage. Tara plays Posy to the role of Cosy played by Sharon Lavelle from Castlebar who played a similar role in 1998 and not forgetting Cillian Browne from Westport as Prince Stefan of Colonya. But, will they reach Snow White before Queen Razeval?? Who is the surprise actor playing the part of Dopey? Will the 2013 cast match the fun and laughter of those of 1998? With guest appearances from "Watch This Space" dance group and "Rolling Waves" All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil traditional music group and Balla Secondary Schools Traditional Dance Group "Dance Trance", come along at 7.45pm Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th or 3pm matinees Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th and find out! Tickets €16/€13, are available from Ticketmaster on line and outlets nationwide or from the Royal Theatre Box office on 0818 300 000 or 094 9023111.

Cillian Browne as Prince Stefan of Colonya and Tanitha Tolan as Snow White in Castlebar Pantomimes Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

L-R Sean Langan Tara Kelly Sharon Lavelle and Henry Kelly appearing in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

L-R Sean Langan Tom Lyons James Murray Tanitha Tolan and Henry Kelly.

Tom Lyons as The Baron has no idea he has married an evil Queen played by Mairead McDonnell in Castlebar Pantomimes Snow White Small.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs but who is the 7th Dwarf.

L-R Sean Langan Tom Lyons James Murray Tanitha Tolan and Henry Kelly.

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