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Connacht Age-Groups Sligo, Claremorris and Castlebar
By Linda McCaffrey
29, Jun 2005 - 22:46


Sligo, Claremorris and Castlebar

SLIGO 14TH May, 2005

The Connaught Age Groups Gala started this year in Sligo Swimming Pool on Saturday 14th May 2005. This Gala takes place over two weekends and is a tasking time for the swimmers. The first of these Galas took place on Saturday 14th May in Sligo and as usual a large crowd gathered to take part in the event. The following are the results of the Castlebar Swimmers:

Girls 15 years 200m Backstroke:
Natalie Bourke Silver.

Boys 17 years. 200m Backstroke:
John Whyte. Gold..

Boys U13 100m Breaststroke:
Nicholas Quinn Gold.

Boys 14years 100m Breaststroke:
James Caulfield Silver.

Girls 13 years 100m Breaststroke:
Annie McCormack Gold.

Girls 14 years. 100m Breaststroke:
Stephanie Ford. Silver.

Girls 16 years. 100m Breaststroke:
Eleanor Grier-Gavin. Bronze.

Boys U13. 200m IM:
Nicholas Quinn. Gold.

Boys 15 years. 200m IM:
Patrick Wiseman. Bronze.

Girls 14 years. 200m IM:
Emma Hynes. Bronze.

Girls 15 years. 200m IM:
Aisling Bourke. Silver.

Girls 16 years. 200m IM:
Meabh Garrick. Bronze.

Girls 17 years. 200m IM:
Laura English. Silver.

Boys 16 years. 400m Freestyle:
Fergus Sweeney. Bronze.

Girls 13 years. 400m Freestyle:
Annie McCormack. Bronze.

Girls 14 years. 400m Freestyle:
Stephanie Ford. Bronze.


CLAREMORRIS was the venue for the second day of the Connaught Age Groups on 15th May, 2005. Warm-up took place at 9.00am, so another early start was had by the Swimmers - God Bless their energy!! The event kicked off the Boys U13 Butterfly and the following are the results of the Castlebar Swimmers:

Boys U13 200m Butterfly:
Nicholas Quinn - Silver.

Boys 15 yrs. 200m Butterfly:
Conal Joyce - Silver.

Girls 14 yrs. 200m Butterfly:
Stephanie Forde - Gold.

Girls 17 yrs. 200m Butterfly:
Laura Keavney - Silver.

Boys 13 yrs. 100m Backstroke:
Rory Tuohy - Silver.

Boys 17yrs & over 100m Backstroke:
Anthony English - Bronze.

Girls U13 100m Backstroke:
Sally Cunniffe - Gold.

Girls 16 yrs. 100m Backstroke:
Sarah Caulfield - Gold.

Boys 13 yrs. 200m Freestyle:
Rory Tuohy - Silver.

Girls U13 200m Freestyle:
Sally Cunniffee - Gold.

Boys U13 400m IM:
Nicholas Quinn - Gold.

Boys 14 yrs. 400m IM:
James Sweeney - silver.

Boys 15 yrs. 400m IM:
Patrick Wiseman - Bronze.

Girls 15 yrs. 400m IM:
Natalie Bourke - Gold.
Kate Tuohy - Silver.

Girls 16 yrs. 400m IM:
Sarah Caulfield - Gold.

Boys 13-14 200m Freestyle Relay:
Castlebar A Team Bronze.

Girls 13-14 200m Freestyle Relay:
Castlebar A Team Silver.

Girls 15-16 200m Freestyle Relay:
Castlebar A Team - Silver.

CASTLEBAR 22 May 2005

CASTLEBAR was the final venue for the Connaught Age Groups. This event took place on 22nd May and again took off at the early time of 9.00am warm-up. Once again, the swimmers were rearing to go inspite of the busy previous weekend. The results are as follows:

Girs 13-14 200m Medlay:
Castlebar A Relay Silver.

Girls 15-16 200m Medley:
Castlebar A Relay Gold.

Boys 13 yrs. 100m Freestyle:
Rory Tuohy Bronze.

Boys 14 yrs. 100m Freestyle.
James Caulfield Silver.

Boys 17 & Over 100m Freestyle:
Darragh Quinn - Gold.

Girls U13 100m Freestyle:
Sally Cunniffe - gold.

Girls 13yrs. 100m Freestyle:
Annie McCormack - Silver.

Girls 16 yrs. 100m Freestyle:
Sarah Caulfield - Gold.
Eleanor Grier-Gavin - Bronze.

Boys 14yrs. 200m Breastroke:
James Sweeney - silver.
James Caulfield - bronze.

Boys 16yrs. 200m Breastroke:
Fergus Sweeney - Bronze.

Boys 17yrs & Over 200m Breaststroke:
Anthony English - silver.

Girls U13 200m Breaststroke:
Sally Cunniffe - Silver.

Girls 15yrs. 200m Breaststroke:
Fionnaula Quinn - silver.
Kate Tuohy - Bronze.

Girls 16 yrs. 200m Breaststroke:
Sarah Caulfield - gold.

Boys 13yrs. 100m Butterfly:
Rory Tuohy - Bronze.

Boys 17 yrs & Over 100m Butterfly:
Darragh Quinn - gold.

Girls U13 100m butterfly:
Sally Cunniffe - Gold.

Girls 16yrs. 100m Fly:
Sarah Caulfield - Gold.
Eleanor Grier-Gavin - silver.

Girls 17 & Over 100m fly:
Laura Keaveney - silver.

Boys 14yrs. 1500m Freestyle:
James Sweeney - Silver.

Girls 16yrs. 800m Freestyle:
Sarah Caulfield - gold.

Other participants at the Connaught Age Groups Gala this year were:
Deirdre McGauran. Killian Dervan. Aoife Gavin. Conor O'Malley. Tony Sweeney. Diarmuid Joyce.
Ciara O'Malley.

A special congratulations to Sally Cunniffe, who achieved first place overall in her agegroup, Nicholas Quinn and Rory Tuohy who achieved 3rd place overall in their agegroups and to Sarah Caulfield who achieved first place overall in her age group.

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