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Easter Greetings and Services
6, Apr 2012 - 15:40

Can we wish all the joy of this Holy Easter Season to People of Castlebar and Co/Mayo.

to Father John Gosgrove and Priests and Parishioners of the Holy Rosary Parish in Castlebar for all your kindness and support to our Orthodox Communities year in and out.

As Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics follow the Julian Calendar this year our Holy Week is one week later so we start on Sunday 8th April with Palm and Passion Sunday All are most welcome at our Liturgies during this Great and Holy Week.

Orthodox Great and Holy Week Liturgies 2012.

Church of Holy Rosary Castlebar more details on 0871367720.

Sunday 8th April Palm and Passion Sunday Divine Liturgy and Blessing of Palms Church of Holy Rosary Castlebar 3-30pm please bring along your own palms if desired.

Wednesday 11th April ( Strict Fast) Great and Holy Wednesday.

6-30pm Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified and anointing with Holy Oil

Confessions after Liturgy.

Thursday 12th April Great and Holy Thursday.

6-30pm Divine Liturgy of the Lords Supper and agony in the garden.

Confessions after the Liturgy


Friday 13th April Great and Good Friday

6-30pm Liturgy of passion and death, anointing of body of Christ and Burial, procession of Epistatis ( shroud of Christ ) and veneration.
Confessions after Liturgy.

Saturday 14th April 1125pm

Church of Holy Rosary Castlebar.The Solemn Pascal Vigil. Pascal Mattins, veneration and leave-taking of Epistatis (Shroud of Christ) procession of three holy Women to Tomb, first Proclamation of Resurrection of the Lord, singing of proclamation in different tongues, the singing of the Pascal Kanon, and the Divine Liturgy of St John.

Please bring traditional foods and eggs and drinks to be blessed to this liturgy, and leave near Altar, also please dress in National Costumes if so desired.

We wish all the blessings of Christ's Holy Resurrection to Father John Cosgrove and Rev clergy and Parishioners of the Holy Rosary Parish, and other Christian Denominations in Castlebar and the People of Castlebar.


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