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Orthodox Calendar Castlebar for June 2012
2, Jun 2012 - 10:10

Monthly Holy Orthodox Liturgy Sunday 4th June 2012 Liturgy 3-30pm Church of Holy Rosary Castlebar All are Most Welcome


Pentecost Sunday Start of Apostles Fast Begins

Fathers of The First Ecumenical Council (325) Fathers of Second Ecumenical Council (381) Afterfeast of Ascension.

Monday June Afterfeast of Ascension. St Hilarion The New, Abbot of The Dalmatian Monastery (845) St Bessarion The Wonderworker, of Egypt (4th-5th) St Jonah, Bishop of Perm (1470) Theo

Tuesday June Afterfeast of Ascension. Hieromartyr Theodous of Ancyra (303)
Hieromartys Marcellinus and Marcellus, Popes of Rome, and Martyr Priscilla of Rome(304-309)

Wednesday June Afterfeast of Ascension. Translation of Relics of Great Martyr Theodore
Stratelates (319) St Ephraim, Patriarch of Antioch (545) New Martyr Theophanes (1588)

Thursday of June Afterfeast of Ascension. St Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria (444)
St Cyril of The White Lake (1427)

Friday June Leavetaking of The Ascension. Martyr Alexander and Virgin-Martyr Antonina At Constantinople (C313) St John (Maximovitch, Metropolitan of tobolsk (1715)

Saturday June Memorial Saturday. Holy Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas (1st)

Commemoration of The Appearance of The Archangel Gabriel to A Monk On Mt Athos
and The Revealation of The Hymn "It Is Truly Meet" (Axion Estin)

Sunday 12th June 8th Sunday of Pascha. Holy Pentecost.
St Onuphrius The Great (4th) St Peter of Mt Athos (734)
St Arsenius, Abbot of Konevits (1447) St Alexandra, Abbess of Diveyevo (1789)

Monday June Day of The Holy Spirit.

Tuesday June. Third Day of The Trinity. Fast Free. Prophet Elisha (9th)
Hieromartyr Cyril, Bishop of Gortyna In Crete (3rd-4th) St Methodius, Patriarch of Constantinople (847)
St Nipon (Mt Athos 1411) St Justin (Popvich) of Celije (1979)

Wednesday June Fast-Free Afterfeast of Pentecost.
Prophet Amos (8thbc) St Jerome(420) Stlazarus, Prince of Serbia (1389)
and All Martyrs of Serbia. St Jonah, Metropolitian of Moscow (1461)

Thursday June After-Feast of Pentecost Fast Free. St Tychon, Bishop of Amathus In Cyprus (4th-5th)

Friday June. Fast-Free Afterfeast of Pentecost. Manuel, Sabel, and Ismael of Persia
(362) St Nectan of Hartland, Martyr

Saturday June Fast -Free Leavetaking of Pentecost.
Martyrs Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus, At Tripoli In Syria (70-79)

Sunday June 1st Sunday After Pentecost. All Saints. Holy Apostle Jude, The Brother of The Lord. (C80) Martyr Zosimas The Soldier At Antioch In Prisidia (2nd)
St Paisius The Great (5th) St John The Solitary of Jerusalem (6th)
St Job, First Patriarch of Moscow (1607) St Paisius of Chilander (Bulgarian 18th)

The Beginning of The Apostles Fast.

Monday June Fast-Day Hieromartyr Methodius, Bishop of Patra (312)

Tuesday June Fast-Day Hieromartyr Terence (Tertius) Bishop of Iconium (1st)
Martyr Julian of Tarsus In Cilica (3rd-4th) Martyrs Archil 11 (784) and Luarsab11 (1622)
Kings of Georgia.

Wednesday June Fast-Day (Wine Oil) St Alban Protomartyr of Britain (C209)
Hieromartyr Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata (380) Hieromartyr Nicetas of Remesiana (C414)
St Paulinus, Bishop of Nola (431) St Gregory The Didascalos, Metroploitian of Wallachia (1834) St Alexis Mechev The Righteous (Russia 1923)

Thursday June. Fast Day. Martyr Agrippina of Rome (253-260) St Mark, Archbishop of Ephesus (1445) Translation of Relics of St German, Archbishop of Kazan (1567)
Synaxis of Saints of Vladmir.
The Meeting of The Vladmir Icon of The Most Holy Theotokos (In Memory of Saving of Moscow From Invasion of Khan Ahmed 1480)

Friday June Fast-Day (Fish, Wine, Oil)
Nativity of The Holy Holy, Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John
St Anthony, Abbot of Dymsk (Novgorod 1224)

Saturday Fast-Day (Fish, Wine Oil,) Virgin Martyr Febronia of Nisibis (C304)
St Prosper of Aquitaine (4th) Sts Peter and Febronia (tonsured David and Euphrosyne)
Wonderwokers of Murom (1228) St Dionysius, Founder of Monastery of Dionysiou On Mt Athos.

Sunday June 2nd Sunday After Pentecost All Saints of Russia.
All Saints of Romania. All Saints of Mt Athos. All Saints of Palestine.
St David of Tessalonica (C540) St John, Bishop of Goths In The Crimea (Wonderworkers 8th)
Appearance of The Tikhvin Icon of The Most Holy Theotokos (1388)

Monday Fast Day St Joanna The Myrrh-Bearer (1st) St Sampson The Hospitable of Constantinople
(C530) Hieromartyr Kirion 11, Catholicos of Georgia (1918)

Tuesday Fast-Day Translation of Relics of Relics of Wonderworking Unmercenaries Cyrus and John Sts Sergius and German, Wonderwokers of Valaam (C1353)

Wednesday June Fast Day (Fish, Wine, Oil) Holy Glorious and All -Praised Leaders of The Apostles Peter and Paul (C67)

Thursday June Synaxis of The Holy, Glorious, and All -Praised Twelve Apostles Peter, Andrew, James, and John The Sons of Zebedee, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James The Son of Alphaeus, Jude The Brother of James, Simon Zelotes and Matthias.


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