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Orthodox Liturgy and Calendar for January
9, Jan 2016 - 11:57

Sunday 11th Janurary Divine Liturgy ( Mass) 230pm Church of the Holy Rosary Castlebar (after feast of Theophany ) blessing of waters and holy water today and novena prayers to Saint Sharbel and anointing of all present with Holy Oil from his tomb. All are most welcome 0876564738

Monday Afterfeast of Theophany. Martyr Tatiana of Rome (C230) St Eupraxia of Tabennesi In Egypt (393)

Tuesday Hieromartyr Basil Solovsky and Martyr Stephen Grigonov (Eastonia 1919) Afterfeast of Theophany Martyrs Hermylus and Stratonicus of Belgrade (C315) St James, Bishop of Nisibis (350)

St Maximus of Kavsokalyvia (Mt Athos 14th)

Wednesday St Nino (Nina) Equal-To-The-Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia (C339) St Sava 1 First Archbishop of Serbia (1236)
Hieromartyr Platon, Bishop of Tallinn (1919)

Thursday day of Ten Lepers. Sts Payvites (The Hut Dwellerul of Thebes (341) and John Kalyvites
(The Hut Dweller)

Friday Veneration of The Precious Chains of Holy Apostle Peter.
St Honoratus, Archbishop of Arles and Founder of Lerins Monastery (429) St Sigebert King of East Angles Martyr (635)
Blessed Maximus The Priest of Totma (Vologda) Fool-For-Christ (1650)

Saturday Venerable and God Fearing Father Anthony The Great (356) St Sulpice Bishop of Bourges (C647)
St Macarius (Kalogeras) of Patmos (1737) New Martyr George (Jannina 1838)

Sunday Sts Athanasius The Great. (373) and Cyril (444) Archbishops of Alexandria St Cyril and St Maria, Parents of St Sergius of Radonezh (14th)

Monday St Macarius The Great of Egypt (C391) St Macarius of Alexandria (C394) Righteous Theodore of Novgorod, Fool-For-
Christ (1392) St Mark Archbishop of Ephesus (1445)

Tuesday Fast Day (Wine Oil) St Euthymius The Great (473) Martyrs Inna, Pinna, and Rimma, Disciples of The Apostle Andrew In Scythia (1st-2nd)

Wednesay St Maximus The Confessor (662) Virgin Martyr Agnes of Rome (C304)

Thursday of Zacchaeus, Apostle Timothy of The Seventy (96)

Friday Hieromartyr Clement, Archbishop of Ancyra and Martyr Agathangelus (312)

Saturday St Xenia, Fool-For-Christ of St Petersburg (C 1803) St Xenia of Rome and Her Two Female Slaves (5th)
Martyr Babylas of Sicily (3rd) St Philotheus, Founder of Philotheou Monastery (Mt Athos 10th)

Sunday Fast Day Wine Oil St Gregory The Theologian Archbishop of Constantinople (389)
Martyrs Felicitas of Rome, and Her Seven Sons (C164) St Mares The Singer of Syria (C430)
St Moses Archbishop of Novgorod (1362) Hieromartyr Alexandria Hotovitsky (U.S.A Russia 1937)
Icons of The Most Holy Theotokos, Assuage My Sorrow and Unexpected Joy

Monday St Xenophon, His Wife Mary, and Their Two Sons, Arcadius and John, of Constantinople (5th-6th)
Translation of Relics of Theodore, Abbot of Studion, and His Brother St Joseph, Arch Bishop of Thessalonica (845)
St David 6th King of Georgia (1125)

Tuesday Translation of Relics of St John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (438)

Wednesday St Ephraim The Syrian (373) St Isaac The Syrian, Bishop of Nineveh (7th)
St Theodosius, Abbot of Totma (Vologda (1538)

29th 33rd Sunday after Pentecost Sunday of Canaanite Woman. Translation of Relics of Hieromartyr Ignatius The Godbearer
(107) St Aphrahat of Persia Monk (4th) St Gildas The Wise, Abbot) Hieromartyr John Pettai (Eastonia 1919)

Thursday Synaxis of Ecumenical Teachers and Great Hierarchs Basil The Great, Gregory The Theologian, and John Chrysostom
Hieromartyr Hippolytus Pope of Rome (C235) Martyr Theophilus The New Cyprus (784) St Peter King of Bulgaria (967)
Tinos Icon of The Most Holy Theotokos.

Friday Wonderworker and Unmercenaries Cyrus and John (311) St Nikits of The Kiev Caves, Bishop of Novgorad (1108)
St Arsenius of Paros (1877)

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