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Orthodox Pascha (Easter Vigil)
29, Apr 2016 - 16:33

Orthodox Holy Pascha (Easter Vigil) 11-30pm Church of the Holy Rosary Castlebar all are most welcome on this Holy Night to join us and Celebrate Holy Pascha (Christ's Rising from the tomb) more details on 0876564738 please bring traditional foods for blessing during this Holy Liturgy

11-30pm the Solemn Paschal Mattins chanted before the Epitastis ( The Holy Shroud of Christ)

1150pm Solemn veneration of the the Shroud of Christ and bringing it into the Sanctuary and placing it on the holy altar (marking the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ)

12midnight the lighting of the pascal candle and then the peoples vigil candles from the eternal flame, and the start of the solemn procession of the Holy Women to the tomb (the Church Doors, the singing of the proclamation, (Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tomb bestowing life).

Then, the procession to the holy altar
1215am the singing of the Pascal Kanon of Saint John Damascene and the incensing of the Church

1225am The Divine Liturgy ( Mass) with reading of the Pascal Sermon and blessing of Foods

On behalf of all the community can we wish Archbishop Michael Neary, Canon John Cosgrove, all Reverend clergy, the parishioners of the Holy Rosary Parish and all the people of Mayo a "Blessed and holy Pascha ( Easter) Christ is Risen Risen indeed"

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