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Orthodox Services May 2014
9, May 2014 - 10:26

Sunday 11th May 215pm Holy Orthodox Liturgy Church of Holy Rosary Castlebar All are most welcome

please note no Monthly liturgy on 8th June due to an ordination in parish church

Next Liturgy Sunday 13th july at 215pm Parish Church

monday 12th St Epiphanius, Bishop of Constantia In Cyprus (403) St Germanus, Patriarch of Constantinople (740)
St Dionysius, Archimandrite of St Sergius Monastery (1633) Glorification of Hieromartyr Hermogen, Patriarch of
Moscow and All Russia (1913)

tuesday 13th 5th Sunday of Pascha The Samaritian Woman (Martyr Photini) The Holy Patriarchs of
Constantinople. Virgin Martyr Glyceria At Heraclea, and Her Martyr Laodicius, Keeper of The Prison (C177)
Sts John, Euthymius and George, Founders of Iveron Monastery (Mt Athos 10th)

wednesday 14th Martyr Isidore of Chios (251) St Leontius, Patriarch of Jerusalem (1184-5)
St Isdore, Fool-For-Christ, Wonderworker of Rostov (1474)

thursday 15th St Pachomius The Great (346) St Isaiah, Bishop and Wonderworker of Rostov (1090)
St Dimitry, Crown Prince of Uglich and Moscow (1591)

friday 16th Leavetaking of Mid-Feast of Pentecost. (Wine Oil)
St Theodore The Santctified, Disciple of St Pachomius The Great (368)
St Musa The Child (Rome 5th) St George, Bishop of Mitylene (9th)

saturday 17th Apostle andronicus, of The Seventy, and His Fellow Labourer Junia (1st)
St Euphrosyne (Princess Eudoxia) of Moscow (1407)

sunday 18th Fast Day (Wine Oil) Martyr Theodotus of Ancyra (303) St Macarius (Glukharev) Missionary Russia (1847)monday 19th Hieromartyr Patrick, Bishop of Prussia (2nd-3rd) St Dimitry Donskoy, Prince of Moscow (1387)

St Cornelius of Komel (1537)

tuesday 20th 6th Sunday of Pascha. The Blind Man
Martyr Thallelaeus At Aegae In Cilica, and His Companions, Martyrs Alexander and Asterius (C284)
St Thalassius The Libyan (7th) Uncovering of Relics of St Alexis, Metroploitian of Moscow and Wonderwork of All
Russia (1431)

wednesday 21st Holy Equal-To-The-Apostles Emperor Constantine (337) and His Mother Hntus Elena (C330)

thursday 22nd Martyr Basiliscus of Comana (Pontus C308)
St John-Vladimir, Ruler of Serbia (1015) New Martyr Paul of The Peloponnese (1818)

friday 23rd Fast Day (Fish Wine Oil) Forefeast of The Ascension).
St Michael The Confessor, Bishop of Synada (826) Mary The Wife of Cleopas, Myrrh-Bearer (1st)
Synaxis of Saints of Rostov-Yaroslavl St Euphrosyne, Abbess of Polotsk (1173)

saturday 24th The Ascension of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
St Symeon Stylites (The Younger) of The Wonderful Mountain (592)
St Vincent of Lerins (C450) St Nikita Stylites, Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl-Zalesski (1186)

sunday 25th Afterfeast of The Ascension.
Third Finding of Honourable Head of Holy, Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Batist John (850)
Hieromartyr Urban, Pope of Rome (230) Hieromartyr Therapon, Bishop of Cyprus (4th)

monday 26th Afterfeast of Ascension.
Apostles Carpus and Alphaeus, of The Seventy (1st)
Martyrs Abercius and Helen, Children of Apostle Alphaeus (1st)
Great Martyr George The New At Sofia (Bulgaria 1515)

tuesday 27th 7th Sunday After Pascha. Fathers of First Ecumenical Council (325)
After-Feast of Ascension. St John The Russian (Confessor), Whose Relics Are On Island of Euboea (1730)
Hieromartyr Therapon, Bishop of Sardis (3rd) St Melangel (Monacella), Hermit At Pennant Melangell(C590)
St Therapont, Abbot of Byelozersk (1426)

wednesday 28th Afterfeast of Ascension. St Eutychius, Bishop of Melitene (1st)
St Germanus (Germain), Bishop of Paris (576) St Ignatius, Bishop and Wonder-Worker of Rostov (1288)
St Helena (Manturova), Nun of Diveyevo (1832)

thursday 29th Afterfeast of Ascension Virgin-Martyr Theodosia of Tyre (307-308)
St Alexander, Archbishop of Alexandria (328) St John of Ustiug, Fool-For-Christ (1494)
St Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol (1961)

friday 30th Afterfeast of The Ascension St Isaacius, Founder of Dalmatian Monastery At Constantinople (383)

saturday 31st Afterfeast of Ascension. Apostle Hermas, of The Seventy (1st) Martyr Hermeius At Comana (2nd)


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