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Road Safety
Mayo and Kerry fans asked to mind the GAP
By Noel Gibbons
18, Aug 2011 - 09:07

Thousands of GAA fans travelling to Sunday's All-Ireland football semi-final in Dublin this Sunday have been given a special ‘drive safely' message.

Mayo and Kerry may be in direct opposition in the football showdown in croke park , but both local authorities and football managers have teamed up to deliver an important message to mind the gap, the players will do it on the field so drivers are asked to do it on the road.

The two second rule.

"We want people to drive safely this weekend. There will be a huge volume of traffic on the roads for the game, and we urge people to take care and to ensure that their trip to this great sporting occasion does not end in tragedy," said Noel Gibbons Mayo County Council and Padraig Corkery Kerry County Council.

"Driving too close to vehicle in front" is a contributory factor of traffic collisions in Ireland.

While you are driving you should observe all speed limit signs and to apply the two- second rule, i.e. to stay at a safe distance behind the vehicle

in front. You will be able to stop the vehicle safely and will have more time to react, if the vehicle in front suddenly slows down or stops.

When you apply the two-second rule, you should select a fixed object on the road ahead such as a road sign, tree or street lamp, etc.

When the vehicle ahead of you passes the selected object, start to count "One Thousand and One, One Thousand and Two". You should not reach the selected object before you count "One Thousand and Two". If you do, you are driving too close. When the traffic is busy, you should never drive so fast that you could not stop well within the distance between your car and the car in front. Your speed should be adjusted according to the change of the weather and traffic conditions and should match the flow of traffic.

We are advising people to keep a safe distance between them and the car in front them and asking drivers not to use of the mobile phones while driving," said Mr James Horan Mayo Football Manager.

Mr Jack O Connor said 'We want all road users to change their behaviours and make these changes part of their lives in the future, which will save lives and reduce serious injuries on our roads.'


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