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Frank Cawley
Merry New Year From the Top of Castlebar
By Frank Cawley
15, Jan 2017 - 15:31

Panoramic shot with the double sized neighbour Neiphin Mór

To start off the new year I decided to post some pictures from the highest point in the environs of Castlebar. It's the apogee and the source of all Radio and Saorview TV and a good deal of 4G. It's 430 meters above Clew Bay. It's official name is Croaghmoyle but its affectionate name is the BOOSTER station.

A fella drove this car up there, left a cigarette lighting in the ashtray while he was outside admiring the view. He ended up walking home, and the people of Newport thought there was Apache Indians passing smoke signals warning them of some impending doom.

I know a few people who got a boost up there in their time. One story stands out a gentleman I know spent a night burning the candles at both ends in a several taverns in Castlebar. He took ill the next day with a bad dose of the phantom flu. It's almost as bad as man flu but you can't walk with man flu. This man needed a walk so he headed for the Booster station. He has a forgetful nature at the best of times, but when ones insides are sizzled from sauce.... His temple wasn't firing on all cylinders and he was lucky he remembered to bring his shoes. He managed to hike the 11.3 km from his crib to the top of Croaghmoyle. It's then he remembered he didn't bring anything to drink. He was seriously dehydrated. The pottage the night before did not help. A layer of salt had evaporated on his forehead. He contemplated drinking from a stream but he had heard horror stories of what happens a SAS soldier if they drink bog water that has been contaminated with the sheep wee wee. He needed help fast. It was an easier climb down, but each step he took was like walking bare-footed across the town hall dance floor after a disco. Only the devil knows what you could step on. At the base of the mountain there is a famous garage mechanic. I think the conversation went something like this.

"Jebus you look like the brake fluid I cleaned out of that 1962 Massey this morning"

"I'm looking for a service"

"What are you driving"

"I'm driving myself up that F$?£dog of a mountain on shanks mare and the tank is as dry as a nomad's sandal"

The kind mechanic rushed inside and brought him out a bucket of water. He filled a pint glass of ice cool fresh mountain dew water. My friend said it was by far the best pint he had ever drank since the day he was born. He is absolutely positive he will never ever drink a pint as excellent again before the day he dies. It cost him nothing. He learnt a lot, and he didn't touch another drop of hooch for six months after that. The break out is a story for another day.

Caislean an Bharraigh


Clew Bay the eagle-eyed will notice this picture was taken during the summer.

Lough Beltra

Summer sunset over lough Beltra

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