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Frank Cawley
Some Festive Pictures
By Frank Cawley
12, Dec 2007 - 09:16

These are some pictures of window displays and Christmas lights taken in a North Mayo town more famous for its gas disputes than its Christmas decorations.

Excellent display of green and red of Mayo. Or else it might be some advanced form of traffic management for Santa's reindeers.

This is the color Santa will see if he quaffs too many brandies when he does his deliveries on Christmas morning. I believe that the HQ in the north Pole are concerned at the recent drop in the minimum level of alcohol. I think he should deliver the presents to members of the police and road safety authority last, they will never pull him over then.

This is what happens small cats at Christmas when they drink too many red bulls.

A giant Christmas tree sponsored by a builder rather than friends of the earth.

A bull dog on his Christmas party night out it looks like he isn't enjoying himself, perhaps he got screwed again on his Christmas bonus? I know how he feels.

This is an ingenious street lighting concept. The lights turn blue if you start shouting obscenities!

A young fella shouting obscenities.

A famous tavern, not in North Mayo though, the Murphy's sign should give it away, and there aren't too many publicans with their name over the door in Belmullet who have won an All-Ireland medal.

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