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Frank Cawley
Southern Exposure
By Frank Cawley
17, Jun 2008 - 08:38

Baltimore Co Cork, one of the two ports that a man can head for Cape Clear island. Or as I prefer to call it by its real title Oileán Chléire.

This is the main port, or the north harbor. It's not that big and I’m sure it’s a bitch to find it on a foggy night.

I took the Liscannor Star a small but steady catamaran out to the island for 14 Euro return the trip takes about 20 minutes.

This is the island's post office tavern, and coffee hut. There is a famous goat farm on the island that produces its own cheese milk and ice cream. Not as famous as the fox farm near Saleen Lake where they used to sell foxes milk. You didn’t even have to drink it, it was that good for you, just rub it on your knee and you’d feel like a champion for a week.

This is the Castlebar connection. Castlebar has its own famous Ciaran O Driscoll, aka COD, and this is one of his relations hostelries near the southern harbour.

This is the southern harbour, more suited to passing yachts than traditional ferry, the island youth hostel is just around the corner.

This picture is taken just outside the island youth hostel which is run by An Oige.

This is what it's all about. This is the view from the brow of the hill just outside the islands north harbour. It’s a bit of a climb, and some of the islands 92C diesel Peugeot 405’s find it as difficult as the uninitiated visitors. The locals on shanks mare though seem to be able to glide up and down the hills like mini roller coasters, dipping and diving from one tavern to another.

In this picture you can see the famous Fastnet Light House which is about 4 miles south of Cape Clear which makes it the southerly most point in Ireland.

Finally an eagle eyes view of the great north harbour. Fair Play to Eamonn O Cuiv he must have sourced the funding for a new pier on every island in Ireland in his time in office. This makes it easier and safer, for people from the mainland to make their way to these islands of tranquillity.

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