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Frank Cawley
From Nephin to Kerry
By F Cawley
4, Jun 2003 - 11:01

The first picture was taken last December, obviously in the middle of the grip of winter. 

Next one was taken last week, the sun sets behind Nephin during the summer. 

Next we have the solution to Castlebar’s traffic problems, the old reliable Honda 50.

I found the 4th picture in Killarney Co Kerry.  O2 had put up a billboard advertisement to emphasize their coverage in Kerry.  Some vandals [The Kerry anti war anti globalization brigade] decided the Kerry senior football manager needed a paint job. 

Not too far from Killarney you will find the Gap of Dunloe.  Just as scenic as any area of Mayo.

Finally I saw the retired church caretaker looking out through this window. 

Neiphin picture taken from Pontoon in December

Neiphin Sunset picture taken from Straide in May

Castlebar light rail network

The Bogdog

This is the Gap of Dunloe

Do you recogonise the old church bouncer in the background looking through the pane of glass.

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