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The Cost of Chimney Cleaning in Castlebar
By OddjobGiant
17, Jan 2010 - 10:40

OddjobGiant has been trading now for about eight weeks and some really interesting statistics are coming to light. The first set if statistics we would like to share with you is the cost of chimney cleaning in Mayo. You may ask why we start there? Well before Christmas people were preparing for Santa to make his annual trip down the chimneys of houses in Mayo, it was important that they were all clean and ready for him.  It was our most popular job along with servicing of boilers and house cleaning for the month of November and December.

The most expensive quote was €140. The least expensive quote was €35. The average quote through OddjobGiant website was €50 euro, with the mode being €40 i.e. most often quoted.

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