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Connaught Telegraph - 19th March 2003
19, Mar 2003 - 17:32

Happy Birthday CT
Last Monday, St Patrick's Day the Connaught Telegraph, Ireland Oldest Provincial Newspaper celebrated its 175 birthday. The heading of the paper celebrates this fact with the acknowledgement that newspaper history is in the making before the readers eyes. Today's version of the paper is the 8,944th edition and as the note in the header attests it now enters its 175th volume. Among the milestones noted in the column is the establishment of the papers by Sir Fredrick Cavendish and his editorial that claimed that "We are determined to be just and fear not: to preserve in advocating and extending the happiness of the poor". The paper is still family owned by the Gillespie Family, whose ancestor Richard C Gillespie worked alongside Cavendish.

Traveller Court Action
Up to thirty traveller families living on the roadside in county Mayo are set to take legal action against the council over the authorities failure to house them, according to a headline in the Connaught. The report reveals that notice has been served on the council by Dublin based Brophy Solicitors who are taking 12 different cases on behalf of 30 families. The travellers are prepared to withhold taking legal action if basic emergency facilities for each of the 30 families are put in place to provide toilet facilities and running water.

Army move from Castlebar to Longford
Enda Kenny TD and Leader of Fine Gael has revealed that he has been informed by the Department of Defence that the 5th Cavalry Squadron currently based in the Military Barracks in Castlebar is set to move to Longford from January next. The move will signal the end of a military presence in Castlebar, which extends back to Castlebar's position as a British Garrison town, and the construction of the barracks in the 19th century. Deputy Kenny claimed that the loss of the military presence will have considerably economic implications in the town and he will be raising the matter in the Dail as soon as possible including offering proposals for alternative uses for the facility.

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