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Western People – 26th March 2003
26, Mar 2003 - 17:32

No threat to Mayo maternity services.
There are no plans to downgrade maternity service in the Mayo General Hospital according to The Western Health Board. Women who wish to have their babies in Castlebar are advised to book as normal. Last year more than 1,420 babies were born in the Castlebar hospital. Newspaper reports last week suggested that Castlebar was one of the hospitals, which had been identified for cuts.

SARS patient expected to be released
A man admitted to Mayo General Hospital in Castlebar last week suspected to be suffering from the SARS virus is expected to be released today (Wednesday). The man had recently returned from Hong Kong in th4e Far East where 11 people have already died from the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus whose pneumonia like symptoms include high temperature, flu like symptoms and a cough.

Decentralisation for Mayo Planning
Planning is being decentralised by Mayo County council and already files from the central Castlebar office have been scanned and made available to the new area offices of the authority. It is also revealed that a third planner was being recruited and when this person took up their post the delay in pre planning meetings was expected to be considerably reduced.

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