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By The Jaundiced Eye
17, Apr 2004 - 11:12

Alleged Garda misconduct exposed by solicitor

A leading Mayo Lawyer has made claims of alleged serious Garda misconduct in the county. Castlebar-based Mar Aidan Crowley of Egan & Daughter Solicitors, made the revelation in a sworn affidavit to a High Court Judge. In it he claimed that: "A revolver was held to the head of a construction worker, Joseph McGuinn, Castlegrove West, Castlebar, when he was handcuffed and arrested for a crime he did not commit. The man arrested was not taken to the local Garda Station for questioning, but to his residence where he was repeatedly threatened"

The front page of the Connaught carries this very serious story with a full page devoted to the affadavit outlining the case against the Gardai. We await the outcome.

Turning the sod for Childrens Playground at Lough Lannagh Castlebar

There are a couple of nice photos showing the signing of the contract for the playground and the turning of the first sod. 

It is good to see this finally happening even if it is funded by a fine levied on the cowboys who demolished the convent illegally. The question of children’s playgrounds, skateboarding parks and general amenities has come up on numerous occasions on the Castlebar BB. Other countries manage to have playgrounds but we seem to be overwhelmed by fear of insurance.

Sorry for the slightly fore-shortened list from the Connaught this week but the on-line version is still showing last week’s edition. (Only had time to retype one sample paragraph this week.)

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