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Mayo News 16 April 2003
By The Jaundiced Eye
19, Apr 2003 - 17:04

Exploding corruption

Cllr Frank Durcan vows to explode Mayo corruption is the headline on a front page piece in the Mayo News. Auctioneer and land dealer Durcan has submitted a file to the DPP outlining ‘proof positive’ or corruption in the Castlebar area and throughout the county by officials and elected members still serving. If nothing is done about it he will run for Mayo County Council himself he claims. He has previously sent similar material to the leaders of all political parties in the country but no action was taken. House prices had risen 100 percent in the past 12 months he said.

In the courts

The number of drink cases reported in the Mayo News this week is staggering. Judge Mary Devins imposed fines in case after case– generally 120 euros – where individuals were found in an intoxicated state at the side of the road, lying drunk in doorways, asleep on walls or simply unable to walk straight through having too much drink taken. One wonders do publicans continue to serve people who are obviously very far gone or do they all purchase their liquor from the off licence in advance?

Baghdad Joke

The Mayo News repeats the by now now oft-heard joke about US special forces arriving in Baghdad airport and reporting its successful takeover. However, the lack of any ground staff, shops or services facilities made the Irish journalists suspicious and they were able to reveal that in fact they had actually liberated the Ryanair Baghdad Airport. American troops had landed 400 miles south of Baghdad but would be able to avail of the feeder bus service to Baghdad proper leaving from Mohammed O’Kelly’s Irish bar every day at 6pm!

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