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The Secret of Q
8, Jun 2014 - 09:42


The Secret of Q

Het Filiaal (Netherlands)

Theatre - Thursday June 12th @ 7.30pm

at Linenhall Theatre


G is 10 and has never been outside. That's just the safest thing to do, says Q. He's the boss of the town where G lives with her father, mother, and grandfather. As long as you stay inside, nothing can go wrong. Those are Q's rules, and everyone keeps them - until G's grandfather remembers something and suddenly disappears. For the first time in her life, G breaks the rules and goes outside: looking for both her grandfather and the secret of Q... An exciting thriller for young and old - with cameras, puppets, models, and projection

A spectacular show, with cameras, puppets, models, and projection - it will take your breath away! This is the second production created for Het Filiaal by producer and actor Ramses Graus. Miss Ophelia, his firstshow, won a prestigious Dutch Zilveren Krekel (‘Silver Cricket') award for the most impressive youth theatre production. Miss Ophelia is a hit outside the Netherlands as well, and has been performed in Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast, on Malta, in Londen and in New York . The show will also travel to Australia.

concept: Ramses Graus, performed by Ramses Graus and Gabby Bakker, text Ramses Graus & Monique Corvers (additional text Don Duyns), directed by Monique Corvers, music and sound design by Gábor Tarján, set design by Joris van Oosterwijk, costume design by Joost van Wijmen, lightening design by Laurens Schoonheim, with thanks to Lichtwerk (Vincent Post)

press quotes

The Secret of Q is unnervingly beautiful youth theatre about the "safety-utopia" - Vrij Nederland

"Spellbound, we follow the adventures of two little shoes just 2cm long. The magic of theatre at its best" - Noord Hollands Dagblad

"A suspenseful thriller that grabs you from the very first moment ... Het Filiaal brings a whole new dimension to youth theatre" - Algemeen Dagblad

"The dark music is as ominous as is infectious the approach to the live toy-theatre film which The Secret of Q is" - De Volkskrant

"Unnervingly beautiful." - Vrij Nederland

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