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By Bowser
2, Dec 2001 - 11:28

The other day the email below appeared in my inbox and it made my mouth water. The interesting thing is that the person who 'sent' it doesn't know they sent it. They have a virus on their computer that is randomly sending files from their 'My Documents' folder to everyone in their Outlook Express address book. The message had a little executable attachment which, if clicked on, could have given my computer the virus too.

The messages from this are:

1) Get an up to date virus checker and update the database regularly - new viruses appear almost on a daily basis and certainly on a weekly basis.

2) Don't put documents in your 'my documents' folder if you don't want to share them with the world and

3) If you want to remain friends with your email contacts don't use the outlook or outlook express address book unless you are on a very secure system.

The message received:
Ham Creamy Leek and PotatoBeef Consomme Julienne Festive Fare of Roast Stuffed Turkey and HamDarne of Salmon with Basil HollandaiseRoast Sirloin of Beef with Tarragon Juice
Oriental Vegetable Stirfry with Buttered Spaghetti
Seasonal Vegetables & PotatoesTraditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy SauceWinter Dessert PlateTea/Coffee £20.00
In the interest of excellence, all food is prepared to order which may cause a slight delay.
Between the lines above is exactly what I received. Does anyone recognise the hotel or restaurant -because I want to eat there? (of course maybe it's all just a new form of 'viral' marketing!)

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