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Posted by Dynamo on October 10, 2001 at 15:42:43:

In Reply to: Alternatives posted by Not American on October 09, 2001 at 23:54:08:

I totally agree with you there, If people are so against military attacks, which so far seem to be as well intentioned as possible then please come up with suggstions as to how we can stop these terrorists before they kill any more? I could come up with better long term solutions, but for the short term I can't. To be honest I think christian religions are not doing half enough. Just like the politions from across the divides I think that its very important the representatives from all religions should unite in talks on how they can co exist in the world today. Determine basics values which unite them and them proclaim them together. The right to life of all people I assume is a value held dearly by all or most religions? This would be a good start. As for the anti-americanism stuff, perhaps there is a valid point that it exists on this board, but I think its not fair to label with this based on their opinion about this major issue which in translation through this board can sometimes be misunderstood. I have seen however previously over the last year numerous and unwelcome anti-american comments, not relating to an opinion on any particular subject. This I believe is from a very small minority and sometimes misguided due to very emotional conversations with high rethoric, and sometimes due to blatant racism or need to upset things on the board. More tolerence for those that taunt you and try not to get sucked in. Thats what they want.

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