Terrorists Killing Innocents

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Posted by Perspective on October 10, 2001 at 18:38:01:

Despite all the uproar about American military action leading to loss of innocent lives, at least they aren't delibreately targetting civilians. Here's a better example of state sponsored terrorism:

‘Soldier was cheered after hit’, Saville told
Irish Times; Last updated: 10-10-01, 17:47

A soldier on duty on the periphery of Derry's Bogside on Bloody Sunday
was cheered by colleagues when he claimed a "hit" that day, the Saville
inquiry into the shootings heard today.

The soldier - a sniper who was not a Paratrooper - was in the area of
Barrack Street, well clear of the main spheres of action that day, witness
Mr Eugene O'Donnell told the hearing in the city's Guildhall.

Earlier Mr O'Donnell told the chamber he was arrested by troops and
threatened at gunpoint as he accompanied one of the injured of the day,
Mr Joe Friel, in a car taking him to hospital.

The car was stopped at a military barrier on Barrack Street and Mr
O'Donnell claimed he was taken out and brought to a cul-de-sac off that
road where other detainees had been rounded up.

He stated: "I was the last person in line at the Barrack Street end of the

"A soldier put the barrel of his rifle against the back of my head and said,
Another stiff will make no difference to me'.

"I was absolutely terrified and said an Act of Contrition to myself."

Mr O'Donnell said he spotted another soldier carrying a sniper rifle who
then set off towards the barrier.

He continued: "I then heard a couple of shots coming from quite close
by. I assumed at the time and still believe that the shots were fired by
the soldier with the sniper rifle. He was back shortly after that.

"From the time that passed from him leaving and coming back, I cannot
believe that he got far past the Barrack Street barricade.

"When he came back to the cul-de-sac, he shouted to the other soldiers,
I've got one, I've got one!' The other soldiers cheered him."

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