An interesting parallel....

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Posted by PJ on October 11, 2001 at 13:29:08:

I'd heard mention on the radio in the US about three weeks ago about a legendary figure during the time of the Crusades called "The Old Man of the Mountain" - Then this week I came across another article about him in a book I was reading. I think there are some chilling similarities here...


"The original assassins were a bunch of drug crazed Moslem fanatics who, in the eleventh century, rushed around slaughtering anyone opposed to their particular brand of the truth....

...The word assassin is a corruption of 'hashshashin' or he who eats hashish, this being the drug the killers used wind themselves up to fever pitch before embarking on some deathe dealing sortie or other. The cult was started by a fanatic called Hassan ben Sabbah, nicknamed by the Christians 'The Old Man of the Mountain'. As an interesting aside Hassan was a former classmate of Omar Khayam of The Rubyat. Anyway, from his cave/fortress he sent forth his diciples to whom he was known as Ala-ad-din, the height of relegion a title surviving as Alladdin, a character to whome the cave still held great significance"

Mmmmmm - Interesting similarities or what?????????

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