Just how far this whole expect the worst thing in the US has gone

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Posted by Lucky on October 13, 2001 at 10:19:04:

The FBI sent out a memo to the Cinemas in the US. Basically it said that because so many people go to the movies, they are potential targets and it listed a number of things that we should look out for.

I, being one of the supervisors of our theatre just south of Chicago, then had to take my floorstaff and explain to them that if they saw any packages lying around, any backpacks or handbags without owners, they should find us or the security guards. They're now supposed to report anything unusual, any doors left open that should be locked, anyone that looks out of place. I had to tell a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds that the place they come to every day, a place they're supposed to feel safe at could be a target.

I think the girls took it harder than the boys, but they were okay once I told them that if anything in Chicago were going to be hit, it would be the Sears Tower first, followed by the Hancock building, maybe a museum or a college campus and then the police and fire stations before anyone would think of blowing up a cinema (my humble opinion).

Then I had to deal with the boys. By now they were fully into the "If I see any @#$ @#$% Arabs up in this place I'm gonna take them outside..." rant. I almost smacked one of them for saying that, because the Muslim faith is one of peace and love, just like Christianity. I had to explain to them that Bin Ladin's version of Muslim (correct me if I'm wrong) is just like the KKK's version of Christianity. That quietened them down a bit.

They were kinda quiet for the rest of the night, the craic that we'd been having before we got the email was gone. They were still joking around, but a lot less.

I just felt like I should put that out there, I don't know why, probably just because I needed to talk about it a little, and I figured ye'd listen.

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