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Posted by Nioe on July 19, 2004 at 12:55:20:

First off we all know that the traffic in town is pretty bad and a lot needs to be done. for example: a link road from the roundabout at Mc Donalds to St. Gearlds college on the Newport road which would greatly eleviate the traffic on that part of town (especially during school months)
Also the proposed link road from the barracks to castle-street car park should be implemented A.S.A.P.
But there is no point discussing these projects because the people in power aint doin anything bout it ( but to be fare to the new people who have come in recently, some of them look promising and might get things done)
What I suggest is get the simple things done now! while the big wigs are fartin around bout the points I mentioned above.
THE SIMPLE THINGS: (most if not all could be done tomorrow)
1. coming from Heatons(main st) towards the old post office PUT IN A GREEN ARROW, which will allow you to turn up left on to the mall while traffic is coming from the mall direction.

2.On the stretch of ring road from the roundabout at mulroys coming up to the roundabout at cathal duffy's PAINT IN TWO DEFINITE LANES with arrows on each showing which lane you should be in, in order to get the right exit on the roundabout

3. get rid of the little green men on the traffic lights at the road leading to the church and replace them with zebra crossings, which would be a lot quicker for both the pedestrians and road users.(although I dont know if that would be suitable for people with seeing difficulties?)

and i'm sure there could be more that could be added but thats all my complaining done for today! ps excuse the bad spelling and grammer...

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