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10 Things to do in Dingle (when it's raining)

Posted by Castlebarbarian on September 30, 2011 at 15:48:20:

10 Things to do in Dingle (when it's raining)

1.) Don't put your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger by driving up Slea Head to see the beautiful scenery of the Dingle Peninsula, instead fine a nice comfy snug in a nice comfy pub.
2.) Avoid drowning, don't visit the Blasket Islands, instead drown yourself in the atmosphere of a dark, warm pub on a rainy day.
3.) Dolphins have been known to attack humans - it would be unfortunate if Fungie were to turn against humans on the day you went to visit so instead why not retire to a local hostelry where the only water creatures dangerous to humans are the big ould dusty stuffed wans in the glass case that might fall on yer noggin.
4.) You could explore the wonderful sea caves while sea kayaking - but why put yourself in harms way and then have to call out our dedicated life saving crews to rescue you or stage a 48 HR search - no, do everyone a favour and find a nice bar where you can get a bit of grub - with enough pints in - you taking a leak at the urinal will feel like being at the walls of sea caves as you sway, rise and fall with the oceans ebb.
5.)Sea kayaking Dingle Harbour with Fungi plus the sea caves is a lethal combination - you're just inviting danger on so many fronts that it's far more sensible to find a pub and just drink red bull and vodka all day.
6.)You could get on a horse and explore the local beaches and local countryside but I think that both yourself and Black Beauty would be better off with a nosebag and talking of Black Beauties mines another pint of plain.
7.)Make sure that you don't Mount Brandon, he doesn't like it and will not take kindly to your advances. Buy him a pint instead.
8.)You could play a round of golf at Links Golf in Dingle but don't forget more people die from lightning on golf courses than drinking in the clubhouse.
9.)You could check out the Boat Trips with Dingle Bay Charters but if they don't have a bar on board what's the point, I mean most of us have seen Titanic, the Poseidon Adventure, the O'Nedian Line, etc. and can confirm that sea travel is a perilous business.
10.) Finally, getting on a bike and cycling around Slea Head is probably marginally more dangerous than driving the same route, though there's probably less chance of causing the demise of a member of your family, that is unless you're a really woeful cyclist.

All in all Dingle is a beautiful spot but when it rains ye can see and do nathin' so you might as well familiarise yourself with all the potential drinking spots afore ya set foot in the place!

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