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re: Where To Now For Enda ?

Posted by Daz on October 09, 2013 at 01:57:42:

In Reply to: re: Where To Now For Enda ? posted by The Rear Slim Shady on October 08, 2013 at 11:50:02:

It's difficult to tally the acknowledged lack of interest with a sudden surge in meaning to be attributed to the result when it suits your argument. That's as maybe!

The ordinary Joe Soap on the street could be:

i) Bankrupt developer who five years ago was a respected employer around town
ii) Career jobless with no interest in being anything but
iii) Out of work since the crash and struggling
iv) Good for nothing lazy public servant living it up on the sweat of (v)
v) Hard working oppressed PAYE payer
vi) Self employed and asset rich/cash poor
vii) Farmer paid to produce nothing anyone wants
viii) Banker scraping by on new wages of less than 500k per annum
ix) Fatcat pensioners who sold up in an inflated market and are the group least affected by the crash, swanning around with their benefits and threatening holy hell if anything gets touched.

'The ordinary joe soap' is as meaningless a term as one could wish for in any argument on economy or politics, with as much spin applied as one could wish for in any desired direction.

Nevertheless, let it be put to you, in case you claim to go unchallenged, that FG/LAB have met or exceeded all reasonable expectations given the size of the crisis in the public finances and the careening current budget deficit they inherited.

I'm not going to go uninvited into the detail, as i) your assertions are broad-swathed enough that they don't particularly deserve forensic rebuttal and ii) I highly doubt that anything as dispassionate as hard economic fact will fall on sympathetic ears given your predilection as shown in the thread so far. Safe to say that the mortgage and personal debt arrears of one man are another man's collapsed banking system.

If you would, however, care to successfully nominate a country run by anything other than buerorcrats and government officials, I pretty much guarantee you that I will give you fifty good reasons why you wouldn't want to live there.


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