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re: Water Bills

Posted by The WaterBoy on June 12, 2015 at 15:26:03:

In Reply to: re: Water Bills posted by Jackobite on June 12, 2015 at 12:11:01:

Why not give it a rest J? You've been playing that broken record for some time now. And what is the ploy? Asking people to pay for a better, safer drinking water supply and stopping the discharge of untreated sewage? Instead why not try to pretend that we are not a Third World Country pumping raw sewage onto our beaches?

Memory is short. Your so-called 'defunct government' though, has had to undo the mess that the Fianna Fail Galway Tent brigade got us into - FF essentially wrecked the country far more effectively than any of the World Wars ever did. The banking enquiry is clearly telling us that. It wasn't Lehman Brothers but our own FF leaders that caused the crash. No matter what any government did to bring unemployment down to below 10% (as the current 'defunct government' have) it wasn't going to be plain sailing but they have done that much and the domestic economy is still improving under their watch. Remember - Fianna Fail wrecked the country - the poor sods that had to put it back together again deserve some credit for not just trying, but succeeding in large part.

Paying for drinking water and sewage treatment, like pretty much every citizen country in Europe does, is not exactly the end of the world. Your 'all hell' won't break loose over that. FF have already succeeded in unleashing a right old hell on the citizenry - smashing the economy into the ground with a single-ticket tax source. Essentially everything depended on property speculation and ah sure it was grand - nobody had to pay for anything as long as property kept increasing in value. Of course the bubble burst - even in spite of our 'brave leader' Bertie Ahern's 'macroeconomic policy' of asking people to go and commit suicide if they dared to suggest that the bubble would burst. The whole thing came crashing down and on the poor especially. The new government had to fix it and no matter how much you seem to hate them if we had relected FF or any other political mix I suspect the situation would be a lot worse than it is now. (Look at how Greece is faring).

The tax base just has to be broader than that unless you want history to repeat again in another few years. Be careful of what you wish for - the country run by FF again so that they can have a second chance to wreck the country? Or even better with SF as side kicks? Their macreconomic policy - 'ballot box in one hand and Armolite in the other' - even outdoes Bertie's 'you go and commit-suicide' policy.

Having to pay specifically for drinking water treatment, and to stop raw excrement being pumped into our seas is a good thing. The previous policy of relying on central taxation - largely based on revenues from property speculation - didn't work.

Unless Jackobite you have a better idea of course? But we never hear what you think the government should do - just forecasts of disaster. (And the disaster has already happened in case you didn't notice.)


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