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Playing with Dolls
By Celia Anderson
17, Feb 2002 - 10:31

There was an article in one of our newspapers concerning the increase of births to younger unwed mothers. It made me wonder about the times we live in. One notices how many young girls push around prams, containing the smallest infants, at times even accompanied by a slightly older child. They look so young, so not ready for the big world and at times, so tired. It’s like watching big children playing with dolls. (Oh boy, am I going to get trouble for this statement). Is it the unemployment, is it the lack of education or is it true love, that causes this? Do the young people have no urge to strive after a career, or is this the “easy” way out? Do the young ladies aim to catch a man (boy) to secure themselves a future, or do they just no think about it. One just cannot believe that all these pregnancies are mistakes (or am I totally off the mark?).
Here's looking at you !

Does the future scare them so much that they dash from one family home into another, with no urge of finding themselves or a career? Do they realise the strain this places on the new fathers as well? Here you have a young man, maybe fresh out of school or in his first years of employment (if he’s lucky). The parties, the love, the growing independence, the joy of being young and carefree. Then comes the news of the “baby-to-be”. I can imagine, one feels joy in that itself. Proud to be the man, the stud, the boy, man enough to father the child of this “woman”. But what happens when reality hits? When the rent, phone, electricity bills come in? Have a good look at the young faces of these fathers. Look in their eyes and see the “old age”. Some fathers look barely old enough to be out of school, yet their eyes reflect that they are old enough to retire.
My girls

Don’t misunderstand me… I was a young mother myself. I gave birth to my daughter, Jacqueline, at the age of 20. It was not easy, but to be totally honest, I enjoyed each day (almost) of her growing up. In a sense, we grew up together. We were lucky to have a very mischievous, but funny and loving child, who had a mind of her own from an early age. Although we had our downs, we had so many wonderful “ups” that the downs did not count. Jacky always said, if or when she found the right person, she would want to have her babies early as well. She claimed that she loved her childhood (Thank you my angel). She wanted to be a young mother, and on the 12 September 2001, she gave us a beautiful grandchild. Little Candice is the cutest little girl (or do all grannies say that??)

What I am trying to say is: should not young ladies first think about what they want in life, before taking the obvious option. It’s OK to have your babies young for the right reasons. Just think about yourself first. Think what an addition to your twosome will do to you. How your lives will change from carefree to responsibility. Think with you head, then let your heart run its course.

To all the young parents who have what they wanted. Enjoy!!! It’s a wonderful and interesting journey!!

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