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Christmas Review

A traditional Christmas Day was had by all chez-Fielding this year. Papa, fresh off the yacht from South America, was in fine form, his spirit not hampered one bit by all this silly tribunal nonsense. Mater provided us with manys the plate of fine foods, the preparation of which she had been tirelessly over-seeing for weeks.

So with an early breakfast of pheasant and champagne inside me I settled down for what I was hoping would be an enjoyable Christmas' viewing. It all started splendidly with that heart-warming Jimmy Stewart picture, It's a Wonderful Life. Yes indeed, with a snifter of port and my first cigar of the festive day I was ready to enjoy once more this fine, fine film. Here's to George Bailey, the richest man in town.

TV3 have now jumped hugely in my esteem. Following that Frank Capra classic they bowled me over with another timeless gem, Billy Wilder's Some Like it Hot. More port, another cigar and some mince pies. With aching sides, Papa and I watched Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon do their thing for the millionth time.

A quick change of channels and we're on RTE1 just in time to catch the last half-hour or so of Babe. Another top-notch flick for the day that's in it and the third in a row that left this critic with a smile on his face.

With impeccable timing, dinner was served within minutes of Babe's conclusion. Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes and ham. A slight pang of conscience perhaps? Perhaps not. "That'll do Pig".

Now I know many of us have been known to doze off after a hearty Christmas meal but was there really any need for RTE to help us along with the snorefest Titanic? Oh, Oscars galore were thrown at it but once again it failed to engage me and I had nodded off before the ice-berg was even a speck on the horizon.

When I awoke I pinched myself several times to make sure that what I was seeing before me was indeed real. What bright spark thought, Westlife: Home for Christmas was a good idea? I shudder to think. At least I was afforded the chance to take a well-earned break from the TV and retire to the drawing room where Papa and guests were enjoying some rather fine vintage whiskey and a box or two of Cubans.

We stayed put until well past midnight when I returned to the radiating glow of the TV in time to catch another classic, Blazing Saddles starring Gene Wilder and Slim Pickens. Just the tonic to see me through to the early hours. And so, full of Christmas cheer and overflowing with Christmas spirits, I struggled out of my seat and decided that a warm bed was the only option.

Merry Christmas dear readers. Expect more from me in the very near future.

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