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Disco Pigs

Disco Pigs, Enda Walsh's much lauded play, finally makes it to the big screen in an adaptation which is unlikely to leave any fans that saw it on the stage unhappy. Penned by the playwright himself and directed excellently by Kirsten Sheridan, daughter of Jim, Disco Pigs tells the story of two inseperable and unstable Cork teenagers, Pig and Runt, whose attempts to stay together in spite of all opposition lead them down the road to tragedy.

Let there be no doubt, Disco Pigs would not be half as powerful a film were it not for the towering performances of the two leads. Cillian Murphy, as Pig, was particularly impressive. With a nod towards A Clockwork Orange, his character spouts a strange dialect of Shakespearean baby-talk and erupts with savage violence on several occasions. Meanwhile, playing Runt, Elaine Cassidy proves why hers is a star that is definitely on the rise. With an unblinking stare and a gentle beauty Runt attempts to understand the strange world that she and her best pal find themselves battling against.

An air of modern day fable constantly flits around the edges of the story but this is nothing if not an addition to the power of the piece. Disco Pigs is one of the most accomplished Irish cinematic releases in recent years. Managing to break free of the confines of the stage on all but a few occasions it benefits hugely from excellent cinematography and direction and, as mentioned before, two outstanding lead performances.

If you're looking for a piece of quality cinema, something to draw your attention away from the endless stream of Hollywood tripe currently represented by American Pie 2 then look no further than Disco Pigs.

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