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Hollow Man

I love the smell of Bacon, but I don't see anything really interesting!

There, now I've got the terrible puns out my system I'll start off.

Kevin Bacon is Sebastian Caine (Ugh, even his name in this puts me off. People named Sebastian belong in things like Howard's End, not a sci-fi flick), a scientist on the verge of cracking the secrets of invisiblity... or, to put it more clearly (ha!), the leader of a team that does all the work while he takes the credit. Bent on becoming the first human to undergo the process, he forces his colleagues (Elisabeth Shue & Josh Brolin) to go forward with the project. However all does not go as planned and when they realize that Caine might be stuck with invisibility for quite a while, he goes a little crazed...

Well, as soon as the bodies started mounting up I was pretty bored with this one. Oh, it was interesting for a good while, when they were on about the invisibilty process, making gorillas non-opaque, and so on. But when special effects are incredibly realistic, you accept them AS reality and so I was stuck with the script and actors to hold my attention. The script has a few funny bits but is pretty weak overall, and the same can be said for the actors - Shue is surprisingly dull, Brolin is given a 'hunky-doc-with-no-brain' role and you can see right through Kevin Bacon (Oh, these puns are awful).

What I found a little hard to focus on (sigh, I'm terrible) was how the film turned from an interesting 'invisible man' story into a cheap b-movie slasher film that made I Know What You Did Last Summer look like The Godfather. After about an hour I was ready to shut it off, and if it wasn't for Paul Verhoeven's funny inserts (ah, the nipple scene) I probably would have. It's surprisinghly low on any real content; Hollow Man is just that - empty.

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