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St. Patrick's Day Review

Being that today is the feast of St. Patrick - a time for Irish people all over the world to celebrate their heritage and culture - I thought that I would review one of the most relevant Irish films of the last decade, a film that speaks volumes about the lonely plight of the Irish emigrant in America. Lost and alone in a strange land, searching for fortune and happiness but finding only humans intent on stealing their pot of gold.

Yes, today I'm reviewing The Leprechaun.

A groundbreaking piece of cinema, this heart-wrenching drama has reduced manys the viewer to tears in its time. No other film has portrayed the green-cardless Irish in America with such moving accuracy. Often times the emotional impact of this film can be so strong that people can hardly bear to watch it, reminded no doubt of their own hard times across the water. I myself had to be strapped into a chair in order to make it through - that's how hard it was for me.

After getting through American customs in a suitcase our plucky hero tries in vain to retrieve his pot of gold from Dan O'Grady, the man who stole it. And, as is so often the case for our brothers abroad, everything does not go according to plan. Instead of finding the wealth they set off in search of, how many of our friends and families have ended up trapped in a crate by a four-leaf clover? Exactly the same fate befalls our hero.

Ten long years he spends there, symbolic of course of the long years spent by the first Irish emigrants who toiled thanklessly to build the New World. But when finally he finds freedom again he is met with harsh resistance in his attempts to retrieve what is rightfully his. It was almost too sad to watch - I myself have had many, many members of my family go to America and find that just when they thought they had that elusive fortune in sight Jennifer Aniston got in their way.

If you can bear the emotional turmoil that will undoubtedly come with it I strongly recommend that you rent The Leprechaun today. Let it remind you that while the Celtic Tiger may be roaring it is not all sunshine and roses for our countrymen around the world.

"Try as they will, and try as they might,
who steals me gold won't live through the night."

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day dear readers.

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