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Road Trip

Ah, the brainless teen comedy! Realm of absurdity, disgusting jokes and oversexed jocks!

And yet none of these take away from how splendid "Road Trip" is.

Seriously, as far as college-boys-on-the-loose comedies go, this is a very well-done film. It's no "Animal House", but one can hardly expect something to rise to that level these days, and I accept that, which is why I have no problem with "Road Trip".

Breckin Meyer (the stoner from "Clueless") is the troubled Josh, trying his hardest to maintain a long-distance relationship with his longtime girlfriend Tiffany AND keep up his studies, despite his well-meaning friends constantly inviting him to stray from both. Josh is having problems- his girlfriend won't return his calls, so he's sending her a homemade video, and he needs to learn his philosophy to pass his midterms. His best mate E.L. (The INCREDIBLE Seann Scott - you know, Stifler from "American Pie". And, more unfortunately, one of the losers of that missing car movie) convinces him to clear the absent woman out of his head for a night, and Josh hooks up with the angelic Beth (Amy Smart). In a moment of drunkenness prevailing over good sense they videotape their late night recreation... and, as you can probably expect, the tapes get switched and Josh realizes the wrong tape has been posted to Tiffany...

Hardly the stuff of Shakespeare, I realise. But I was hardly watching it for the plot... although it was surprising that the film actually HAD a plot! Anyway, Josh and EL team up with Josh's roomie, the smart-but-not-smug Rubin and insular nerd Kyle... simply because he's the only one with a car. Why would they need a car you ask? Because there's no other way to stop that porno video landing in the wrong hands except to travel to Tiffany's college, and intercept it before she sees it. Of course this promises a feast of hilarious events, and unlike most films of the genre, "Road Trip" keeps its promises. I don't want to give away any of the scenes, I don't want to ruin the surprise or the shock.

Oh, but how could I leave out one of the stars? American MTV's Tom Green stars as Barry, an aged student who housesits for the lads while they're off on the trip. One of his duties is to take care of feeding Rubin's snake... oh Lord, I don't want to talk about it, it's too funny to watch!

So how does the film rate after my evaluation? Very well, i think. It's great to see a genuinely funny film that gives an even mix of witty humour and low-brow comedy, a balance "Scary Movie" and "Me, Myself & Irene" chose to ignore. I strongly recommend "Road Trip"... it's exactly that- a trip.

Class dismissed.

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