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Movie- The Sixth Day

End of Days. Batman & Robin. Jingle All the Way. Junior. Isn't it a sad thing that we had to go back through that many films to get to Schwarzenegger's last great film, "True Lies"? Well, hard luck for me because "The 6th Day" just seems to be another turn on Arnold's downward spiral. It's not a very good film, it's not very well acted and it's not very well scripted. The film is set in the near future, a time when animal cloning has become commonplace but human cloning is regarded as impossible. Ah-nuld is good-old-red-blooded-american-pie everyman Adam Gibson, a charter helicopter pilot who is swept up into millionaire Michael Drucker's (Tony Goldwyn- the fella who did Tarzan's voice) plan of reinstating human cloning. The fact is Drucker has been cloning for years, in a very "ooh isn't he an awful man" kind of way. After a murder, Arnold finds out he has been cloned, and he is being chased by Drucker's evil henchmen (and token foxy henchwoman). Mr. Schwarzenegger sets out to set things right the austrian way - ie work in as much carnage and bloodshed as possible. It's supposed to be thrilling and surprising. What surprises me is that I managed to make so many sentences out of the plot.

There are a few good points though. The flight scenes (though not as good as "True Lies")look brilliant; the Arnold-acting-with-Arnold scenes (reminiscent of "Last Action Hero")are well done; the moral and religious ethics of cloning are discussed (ah, religious questions; much like "End Of Days"), and the chilling vision of the future (a la "Total Recall") is so commercial and plastic it's disturbingly real.

Oh, before I forget, apparently Robert Duvall wasn't happy with the detriment to his career that was "Gone In 60 Seconds", so he shows up here as the kind old granddadish doctor. He's good. Which makes the rest of the actors look worse.

Well, "The Sixth Day" wasn't the worst film I've seen this year but it is amazingly poor, even for a sci-fi film. I just know that on the seventh day, Lúca Brasí rested, and watched the OTHER DNA-splicing film starring the old Austrian Oak- "Twins".

And it was good!

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