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The Skulls

The 8th of December. National-Shopping-Day.

Also, seemingly, it's National-Dump-the-Kids-in-the-Cinema-for-the-Afternoon-Day.

So it was that this reviewer found himself wading through the cinema lobby and unable to get in to see The Grinch. With a review needing to be written I had only one option left, go to see the next film showing.

Unfortunately this turned out to be The Skulls.

Joshua Jackson plays Pacey (from Dawson's Creek) in college. His character was probably supposed to be someone else but nobody cared. I have a sneaking suspicion that the only reason half the audience was at this film in the first place was that The Grinch had sold out.

So - a bit about the story I suppose. Pacey is a poor boy who is working his way through college with the help of a scholarship and a job slopping out oatmeal in the mornings to spoilt rich kids. His only hope of getting into Law school is if he gets initiated into a secret, secret, secret society called The Skulls which will pay for his entire life from what I gathered. The society is in fact so secret that their large hideout on the college campus has a huge skull emblazoned on the gates. I was half expecting to see flashing neon "SECRET LAIR" signs pointing towards it and thunder clouds hanging ominously overhead.

Pacey has two friends, one a journalist wannabe, the other a rich blonde girl who Pacey has always loved but has never told. (Will the feeling be mutual? Oh what a puzzler!) They're both sceptical about this Secret McSecrety Society and lo and behold their suspicions prove correct when The Skulls turn all nasty and stuff and Pacey must fight to get his life back, such that it was in the first place.

Lots of drums pounding as people sprint for their lives in front of speeding cars. Oh yeah and TV's Coach is the big bad guy, with an evil moustache. Menacing as anything I can tell you.

All in all I suppose The Skulls could have been a lot worse - they could have given Dawson a part too.

My final word - be thankful it's not showing in Castlebar yet, there's no danger of accidentally ending up at it.

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