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Unbreakable is directed by M. Night Shyamalan (yes I did have to look up the spelling on that one), the same man who brought us The Sixth Sense. And like The Sixth Sense it stars Bruce Willis and there's a kid in it and there's supernatural themes involved.

But nobody sees dead people. A little disappointing really.

Oh yeah, it also stars Samuel L. Jackson as an obsessive comic book collector, Elijah. He's got a rare disease which means his bones break very easily so he walks with a limp and knocks around in a wheelchair for part of the movie. He still gets to look cool though, because he's Samuel L. Jackson.

Willis' character is the only survivor of a terrible train crash. Not only does he survive but he walks away completely unharmed. Elijah puts it to him that maybe there's a fantastic reason why old Brucie hasn't gotten hurt. Of course he's not believed at first, mainly because he's a nerd with a mad hairdo, but soon Bruce's suspicions are raised and certain truths must be faced up to.

Unfortunately none of these truths involve anyone at all seeing dead people. As I said before, a little disappointing.

I can't really tell you much more about the film without spoiling parts of it. And if I did Tom Hagen would never let me hear the end of it so I'll skip to my conclusion.

There's a whole lot of atmosphere in this film and some great camerawork. M. Night Shyamalan certainly knows what he's doing. In the final analysis though I think the storyline could have been improved. Maybe by putting in a character or two who see dead people. Who knows?

Overall then - Unbreakable was entertaining, very well shot and very atmospheric. Not as good as The Sixth Sense but still good solid fare.

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