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What Women Want

Under special invitation I attended the European premiere of Mel Gibson's new film, screened in Mayo Movie World yesterday evening. A grand affair it was indeed with food and wine generously provided for all and the proceeds going to help numerous worthy causes.

As the titles rolled though I found myself sipping my glass of wine and pondering the film's title - What Women Want. Well? What do women want?

For the toilet seat to be left down every once in a while perhaps?

While this may well be the answer I doubt very much if it would have provided as good a story line for the scriptwriters to work with. Instead of the tale of bathroom etiquette that one may have expected What Women Want turned out to be a rather amusing comedy on the dramatic changes that occur in one man's life when he miraculously gains the power to hear women's thoughts.

Mel Gibson gives a fine comedic performance as the chauvinistic advertising executive, Nick Marshall, who learns the error of his womanising ways when he acquires the aforementioned power. The film opens strongly and maintains a high laugh count for the first hour or so as Nick learns that what women say and what they think can be two entirely different things. However as the story shifts from comedy to romance it meanders slightly and I was hoping for a few more laughs in this section to help the whole thing along.

Still though, What Women Want is a solid comedy with many laugh out loud moments and another fine comedic turn from Mel Gibson. Two hours well spent - but don't expect many earth-shattering insights into the working of the female psyche or even the lavatory tips which I must admit I was somewhat looking forward to.

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