A.G.M. Report

After three years as chairman of the club, Eamon Horkan stepped down from his position. Mr Horkan expressed a hope that new members should get the opportunity to bring a fresh approach to the administration of the club. "We must depend on younger blood to grow and expand," he said.
His commitment to the club will remain intact, however and he is expected to play a significant part in training during the coming year.
In his final address as chairman, Horkan told those present that the club had continued to develop over the last three years, and pointed to the introduction of young blood, the increased participation of parents, the coaching development scheme with FAS, club coaches who had received I.A.B.A. certification and the high standard of the clubs boxers as positive factors.
He thanked all his fellow club officers and members for their assistance during his period in office. He paid special tribute to the Honorary Secretary, Connie McGreal, for her role as Team Manager when the club visited France during the year.

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