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Mayo Youth Orchestra
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Mayo Concert Orchestra, May 2001

Mayo Concert Orchestra. Photograph May 2001

Castlebar Concert Band and the Mayo Youth Orchestra is a joint organisation which fulfills two main roles, apart from its important social function -one a performance role and two an educational role.

Mayo Youth Orchestra and Castlebar Concert and Marching Band mount concerts not only in Castlebar, but around the county and on tour (e.g. Holland, France and Norway) and provides music on important occasions such as the St. Patrick's Day parade, presidential visits, Official Welcome Home to Mayo Football Team.

The Band visits Holland

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Mayo Youth Orchestra and Castlebar Concert and Marching Band provides lessons and group coaching to young players. We also provide instruments on loan where possible. Our group represents the main opportunity for young people in the Town and County to experience playing in ensembles and groups of various sizes, other than those dedicated to Irish traditional music, particularly those wanting to carry on with music at Third Level.

Various initiatives are currently under way to extend these opportunities in an area where there is little tradition of orchestral music, and a local shortage not only of actual instruments, but also qualified teachers. Details plans have been made, and a site is earmarked for a new Music Resource Centre, which will provide a rehearsal hall and smaller teaching and practice rooms. It is the intention that this should be equipped with all the most up to date facilities we can afford.

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