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Job Hunting, making Job Applications, the Curriculum Vitea and Interview Tips.

Here is some practical advice on how to complete
a job application form and how to prepare for an

The job seeker of today has to be well organised if
years of hard work and study are to earn their
due reward.

Application for a job is usually made either by letter (usually accompanied by your Curriculum Vitea) or by completing an application form.  The job advertisement will indicate which is required.


Handy Hint!!
Whether an application form is to be requested by phone or
by letter, it is very important to be able to quote:

  • the title of the post and any reference number mentioned in the advertisement;
  • the address to which the form should be returned.
The purpose for which employers use apllication forms are:
  • to serve as a basis for a pre-selection of Candidates for interview
  • to provide a general introduction for points to be discussed and/or checked during the interview
Keep in mind that the person who is going to read your application form will possibly have numerous others to read through. Consequently, you must make an impact.
- as other candidates may have the same qualifications as yourself, you need to stress any outside activities, interests and work experiece that you may have

Before you fill in the form:

  • learn more about the organisation and the vacancy for which you are applying. This way you can focus your aswers towards the requirements of the job. For example, if the position you are going for involves working with people, you should stress any qualifications or work experience that will be relevent to that type of post.
  • read the apllication all the way through before putting pen to paper. This way you become of any instructions or requirement for filling in the form
  • it is a good idea first to fill-in a photo-copy of the application form, making any necessary corrections afterwards.
  • use black ink in case the form is to be photocopied by the potential employer
  • unless otherwise stated, a typewritten application form is   usually acceptable.
  • handwriting should be neat and tidy and spelling and     grammar must be correct.
  • information should be complete and accurate, yet brief and to the point.
  • use simple direct language, correct grammar and avoid slang or hackneyed expressions.
  • check with your referees before using their name on an application form
  • enclose a short overing note with the application form, highlighting any points of which you feel are especially relevent.
Keep a copy of the application that you send so you can read it before you go to interview

Help with filling in an application form.

Westport and Castlebar Jobs Club
Co. Mayo
Telephone: (098) 26787

Local Employment Service
Church Lane
Co. Mayo
Ph.: 092 42169

Local Employment Service
Moutain View
Co. Mayo
Ph.: 094 26468

Local Employment Service
Claremorris Social Services Centre
Co. Mayo
Ph.: 094 62757

Local Employment Service
Co. Mayo
Ph.: 098 28583