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Some rules of thumb

Study Skill Checklist

Exam Preparation
Number 1.

Set aside a place for study and study only! Find a specific place (or places) that you can use for studying  e.g. vacant classrooms, bedroom.

Make a place to study. You are trying to build a habit of studying when you are in this place. So, don't use your study space for other things e.g. writing letters, daydreaming,

Insure that your study area has the following:

  • good lighting
  • ventilation
  • a comfortable chair, but not too comfortable
  • a desk large enough to spread out your materials.

Number 2.

Divide your work into small, short-range subgoals.

Don't set a goal as vague and large as .. "I am going to spend all day Saturday studying!" You will only set yourself up for failure and discouragement.

Take the time block that you have scheduled for study and set a reachable study goal. (for example) finish reading 3 sections of chapter seven in my History text, or complete one maths problem.

Set your goal when you sit down to study but before you begin to work.

Set a goal that you can reach. You may, in fact, do more than your goal but set a reasonable goal even if it seems too easy.