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CAO Application

Further Education in Ireland
Timetable for applications
(Irish and other EU Applicants)

1.Closing Date for receipt of applications: 1st February 2001,  Application fee: £20 (Paper Application) £19 (Online Application)

2. Acknowledgement of Applications: Issued by 1st  March.

3. Statement of Application Record: Issued by 31st May. If this statement has not arrived by 15th June 2001, write to CAO immediately

4. Late Application Closing Date : 1st May 2001, Application fee £36

NOTE: In certain cases, as in Restricted Application Courses, application must be made before 1st February 1999

5. Latest Date for receipt of Change of Mind Forms: 1st July 2001.

TELEPHONE 091-509800,
FAX: 091-562344,

Hours of Business:
09:30 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:15
Monday through Friday

Application literature (Handbook + Application Form) may be obtained from this address.

Late Applications
(Closing date 1st May 2001)
Late Applications are those which are received after 1st February 2001 in the cases of EU Applicants - or after 15th December 2000 in the cases of Non-EU Applicants.

Late Applications will be accepted up to 5:15 p.m. on the 1st May 2001, subject to the exceptions and restrictions mentioned in the handbook.

Late Applications must be accompanied by a fee of £36 (EU applications) or by a fee of £54 (Non-EU applications)

Change of Mind in respect of course choices
(Closing date 1st July 2001)
During May and June, applicants may change the
order of their course choices or introduce new courses, subject to the restrictions outlined on Page 2 & 3 of the Handbook, by submitting a Change of Mind Form.

Subject to the exceptions and restrictions mentioned in the handbook, course choices may be changed as often as desired up to 5:15 pm on the 1st July 2001.
In addition, individual admitting institutions may impose restrictions on Change of Mind by certain categories of applicant. These are generally the same as for Late applications.

Decisions on applications:
Decisions on applications are normally taken in August and September following receipt of the results of the annual school-leaving examinations. In general applicants should not expect to have decisions before August.

Offer and acceptance of places
Issue of the main body of offers (First Round) takes place as soon as possible after the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination results become available and normally occurs during the second half of August.
An applicant who is being admitted will be sent a formal offer of a place together with the necessary instructions as to how to proceed. Applicants must comply in full with all instructions set out in the offer notice.

The offer will lapse unless accepted within the specified period and unless(where required) a deposit or instalment of fees is paid. A second round of offers will be issued, usually in late August/early September, to fill any remaining vacancies.

Thereafter, offers will be issued as necessary until the end of October to fill any vacancies which may arise.

Each applicant will be offered a place in the highest of her course preferences to which she is entitled (if any).

Deferred entry:
It may be possible to defer entry to a course for one year.
Applicants should enquire well in advance from the admissions office of the appropriate institution.