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How much do you
know about Drugs?


Drugs and your health

1. All drug use is dangerous.
False. Not all drug use is dangerous. Many forms of drug use are commonplace (e.g. tea & coffee drinking) and some forms of drug use save lives (e.g. painkillers & antibiotics).

2. Heroin kills more people each year than any other drug.
False. As many as 2,000 people die in Ireland each year because of alcohol whereas the number who die from heroin is usually less than 300.

3. All young people try illegal drugs.
False. Studies have shown that in the Western Health Board area less than a quarter, 24%, of 16 year olds have tried an illegal drug.

4. All illegal drugs come into Ireland from abroad.
False. Many illegal drugs are being produced in Ireland.

5. One try of heroin and you are hooked for life.
False. There is no known drug that is instantly addictive.

How did you do?

If you want to know more about drugs or get help for someone you are concerned about, please contact

Brendan Murphy
Drugs Training Officer
St Marys Hospital
Co Mayo
Ph. 094 22333 ext. 2204