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Suicide Prevention

Depression and Suicide
Depression can affect the body as well as the mind.  There can be feelings of sadness, no enjoyment in life, withdrawal from people and from activities.  There can be sleep disturbance, poor appetite, as well as aches and pains.  Any of us can have these feelings but if they are severe and lasting, its time for professional help.

Depression can be caused by;

In some cases it may be due to chemical imbalances in the brainA major life event, e.g. death of a loved one Excessive use of drugs or alcohol In some cases there may be a tendency in the family to suffer from depression Sometimes there is no obvious reason.

What can be done to relieve depression?

  • Your doctor can prescribe medication to provide relief.
  • Counseling/psychotherapy can help by enabling individuals to become more aware and be better able to cope with their problems