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Community Training

Youthreach Centres

Early School Leavers Programmes

YOUTHREACH ... a specially designated programme which provides basic training for early school leavers between 15 to 18 years of age. The programme leads to Foundation Level Certification, either through FÁS or the NCVA. The training is full time and includes a training allowance, covers a range of vocational skills, general education and work experience. On the attainment of Foundation Level Certification, participants can advance to specific skills training or higher vocational skills training.

... is available in over 100 locations through both a network of FÁS funded Community Training Workshops and a network of VEC funded YOUTHREACH Centres. To be eligible for YOUTHREACH, persons must be between 15 and 18 years of age.

Youthreach centres in Mayo
1) Location: Ballinrobe
    Co-ordinator: Ms Margaret Kirrane
    Telephone: 092 41117

2) Location: Kiltimagh
    Co-ordinator: Mr Conor O'Reilly
    Telephone: 094 81338

3) Location: Ballina
   Co-ordinator: Mr Paul Large
   Telephone: 096 71439

Youthreach Trainee Allowances
Adult Trainees Effective 24 May 1999

Age Group Full Time Part Time
15/16 £30.00
17 Years £37.50
18 Years £73.50 £42.30

(Part time = 20 hours per week)

Trainee Travel Allowances are also available.