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Travelling and Working Abroad
What if you would like to work abroad, but without travelling half-way across the world? 

EURES could be the answer for you.

EURES is a European labour market network aiming
at facilitating the mobility of workers in the European Economic Area (EEA).  It links more than 450 Euroadvisers, specialists in employment matters, throughout Europe.

EURES Objectives

  • Information, counselling and assistance  to placement/recruitment at a European level
  • Providing information to potentially mobile workers on the living and working conditions in all European countries.
  • Offering advice and guidance on how to look for a job and the possibilities that exist for finding work in another country.
  • Providing a job placement service for job seekers.
  • Offering a recruitment and information service to employers who wish to recruit in other countries.

You will have to register your interest in the
EURES programme at your local FÁS office.
Contact: Foras Áiseana Saothair
  7 Humbert Mall
  Co. Mayo.
  Ph.: 094 22011